Helping Myanmar girls look forward to becoming women. 

We change what it means for Myanmar girls and women to menstruate, to help them reach their potential.

of rural Myanmar girls think menstruation is a disease*

wear their pads for twice as long as recommended*

show signs of urinary tract infection at a given time*

of Myanmar girls & women believe menstruation is dirty**

* In a study with 765 adolescent girls in Magway Region. Source: Adolescent Reproductive Health in Myanmar, Education and hygiene improvements through monastic schools in Magway, Burnet Institute & Wateraid, 2018.    ** In a survey with 200 young women in Yangon, Pan Ka Lay & Kantar Public, 2019

Why does this happen?

These issues are caused by the lack of information on menstruation, due to a cultural taboo around it. Menstruation is considered dirty and shameful and hiding it is a social imperative. This is affecting Myanmar girls and women's mental and physical health and wellbeing, it distracts them and prevents them from fully engaging in work & education, it permanently damages their self-esteem and confidence and ultimately their ability to contribute to society.

Women's lower status in Myanmar society is attributed partly to the fact they menstruate. Pan Ka Lay is determined to change this.

“At Pan Ka Lay we believe that menstruation is NOBLE and Myanmar girls have the right to be informed, supported, given the means to be healthy and dignified when they menstruate”

–  Henriette Ceyrac, Founder, Pan Ka Lay


Watch our founder’s TEDx talk on the topic of menstruation in Myanmar

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