We educate & raise awareness

The So What!? campaign

  • We launched the So What !? campaign on  International Women’s Day 2019 with the support of local celebrities and the media. 
  • We chose Facebook, the most popular online platform in Myanmar, to provide Myanmar’s youth with bi-weekly content on menstruation and a support hotline via our Messenger chat.
  • We inform, inspire and support a growing community of women, and men who support them, to help empower them and be healthier, more confident and better able to realise their potential.
  • Our Facebook page is followed by 27,000 people and we have personally supported 900 young women to date through our hotline. Our videos including celebrities and experts have been viewed 2 million times and our campaign was mentioned over 50 times in local media.

Puberty comic book

  • Pan Ka Lay received a “Stars in Global Health” grant from Grand Challenges Canada to develop a comic book to educate young adolescents on puberty and menstruation.
  • Using human-centered design and with the help of a Myanmar artist, we are creating, piloting and evaluating a tool that will improve the knowledge and promote positive values and mutual understanding between boys & girls.
  • While telling the engaging story of a group of friends, the book will cover reproduction, the physical, emotional and social changes of puberty for boys & girls, the menstrual cycle, menstrual health & hygiene, menstrual myths and social norms. 
  • We are receiving the support and guidance of the Ministry of Health & Sports of the Government of Myanmar throughout the process.

Puberty facilitation guide

  • In partnership with UNFPA Myanmar, we are adapting our comic book into a facilitation guide for puberty education for NGO partners. 
  • We are meeting the need for age-appropriate, interactive and versatile tools to teach the 10-to-14 years-old about this important and often sensitive topic.

Direct community engagement